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Necropolitico is an educational resource addressing death and dying from within a queer context; providing tools to empower the LGBT+ community and the gender non-conforming to advocate for postmortem autonomy and the preservation of our authentic selves.

This blog is designed to provide avenues of maximum accessibility. The foundation for the observance of a life fully lived should not be subject to geographic or economic limitations.

Necropolitico is written and maintained by a licensed New York State funeral director, who identifies as a cis-gender lesbian. While we are trying our best to use wording that is respectful and accurate, as our community grows and language evolves, some things written in this blog will need to be amended. Should you, the reader, find issue with any terminology in these articles, please do not hesitate to drop a line. We are all in this together, and it is imperative that the exchange of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs remain open and free.

The author is not a lawyer, but does ensure that all articles are thoroughly researched and vetted.

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